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Route marking

The route is marked with tape and ground markings. However, we recommend to trailers the use a watch GPS to compensate for any unforeseen events like wild untagging, erased marking, etc.
More on You will also find a suggestion for using a GPS mobile application ("Guru Maps").

Can I unsubscribe due to an injury or an impediment?

No cancellation gives the right to a refund 60 days before the event. If it is an injury and you have a medical certificate, you can contact us at

Can i run with my dog?

If you are registered for the Canicross 6km, you can of course run with your dog.
If you participate at another distance, the dog must be kept on a leash and you will have to start at then end of the peloton so the other participants aren't disturbed

I tried to subscribe but the system failed and refuses to let me subscribe a second time?

The easiest way to avoid this problem is to re-subscribe and change one character of your name.

I can't find my name or starting bib in the list of pre-registrated runners (published a few days before the race)?

The "group" entries are not included in the published lists of the individual pre-registrations because it is the group captains who will distribute the group numbers.

Is it possible to collect the starting bib of someone else ?

Yes, but you need to know his exact name and his starting bib number. No piece of identification is needed.


Can i get my starting bib at the starting zone?

Yes, from 08h30.

Can i get my starting bib before the event?

Yes but only for the following distances : 80km, 42km, 42km RBB, 42KM RB, 21km and 10km.

- Friday 7/9 from 12h30 till 18h30 at "Trakks" (Chaussée de Waterloo, 1165 - 1180 Uccle) 
- Saturday 8/9 at the start from 08h30 at the racecourse of Boitsfort

Do i need a medical certificate to participate?

No, this is not mandatory.