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Please read the rules below carefully.

Non-exhaustive rules: the final version will be available on the official website. The rules will be posted at the event. Participation in the Ecotrail automatically implies strict compliance with these rules.

1) Each participant, volunteer, supplier or person in charge present at the event is required to carefully read the COVID-19 prevention guidelines.
2) Pre-registration is compulsory. No registration will be possible on site. Distances that have reached the maximum number of participants will not be accessible in the form.
3) Wearing a mask is mandatory at the start/finish site. The mask can be removed during the effort but must be kept on (in a pocket or backpack). Social distancing measures must be respected (delimited perimeters are provided in the start boxes).
4) The temperature of visitors will be checked by means of an infrared forehead thermometer at the entrance to the site. Anyone with a fever will not be allowed to participate and enter the site.
5) Only participants, volunteers and suppliers will be accepted on the site. Spectators are not accepted to give priority to participants and to take into account the maximum number of people allowed for an outdoor event.
6) A roundabout direction "entrances" and "exits" will be signposted to avoid untimely crossings. When collecting numbers and medals, at the check-in and in the start/finish areas a distance of 1.50 metres must be respected in the queues.
7) Each participant must bring his/her own cup (or foldable cup) or remove the personal cup ordered to be served at refreshments on the course or at the finish. Food at refreshment stations for distances over 10km will be packed and individualized (no bulk).
8) Only toilets will be accessible during the event at start/finish. There will be no changing rooms or showers. Handles and surfaces used by participants will be disinfected regularly.
9) The personal data of all participants will be kept until 21 September 2020 to allow for possible tracing. Private data will not be used for any other purpose. Any participant who would test positive for covid-19 within 10 days of 5 September must inform
10) Failure to comply with the COVID-19 rules in force on site or which will be put in place by the competent authorities will lead to immediate exclusion from the event.
The event is subject to possible adaptations according to the evolution of the measures decided by the National Safety Committee during the COVID-19 period.

Sporting and human aspects
Despite these heavy constraints linked to the pandemic, the ASBL sport et santé is doing everything possible to ensure that all runners and walkers can have a good time. At the finish, a soup from the ASBL enVie (covid19km challenge) is provided for all participants using their reusable cups, of course. We are studying the possibility of providing a bar that would respect the anti-covid-19 protocol. The official website is at your disposal for the latest information related to Lampiris Ecotrail Brussels..


Distance > 31/12 01/01  >  30/06 01/07  >  31/08 01/09 > 04/09
Trail 65km 60 € 62 € 65 € 70 €
42km Run&Bike&Bike 80 € 82 € 85 € 90 €
42km Run&Bike 60 € 62 € 65 € 70 €
Trail 42km marathon 35 € 36 € 37 € 40 €
Trail 21km 20 € 21 € 22 € 24 €
Trail 10km 15 € 16 € 17 € 19 €
Walk 10km 12 € 13 € 14 € 16 €


Online until Friday September 4 included

Bibs pick-up
The day of the race for 1 hour before the race : Boitsfort racecourse (Chaussée de la Hulpe, 53 - 1180 Uccle)

Distance change / Cancellation
In the event of a change of distance going in the direction 21km > 10km, the rider keeps the allocated bib (of the 21km) but must simply inform the table in dispute of his change of distance (10km). The timekeeper will then take this into account.

No cancellation gives the right to a refund 60 days before the event.



Anti-covid-19 measures
Following the measures taken by the NSC (National Security Council) on Monday, July 27, 2020, we had to revise the schedule to ensure everyone's safety.
The main objective of the changes is to welcome only 200 people, including volunteers, at the same time on the site of the former Boitsfort racecourse.
The event is now divided into 4 parts with a half-hour break between each event. Participants are requested to arrive on site at the earliest one hour before the start of their race and to leave after the event, taking into account organizational requirements (respect of time limits).

New timetable (as of 3 August 2020; timetable subject to possible changes) :

07:30 : entrance to the 65km runners' site
08:30 : 65km (start)
09:00 : entry to the site for the 42km runners
10:00 : 42km (start)
11:00 : entrance to the site for 10km runners or walkers
12:00 : 10km (start)
13:30 : all 10km runners must have left the site.
14:00 : entry to the 21km runners' site
15:00 : 21km (start)
19:00 : end of the event



The organisation stimulates the choice for public transportation. Underneath, you can chose your most efficient and ecofriendly way of travelling.


Adress: Chaussée de la Hulpe, 53 , 1180 Uccle (Dhrome | Racecourse of Boitsfort)
Mobility plan - How to get to the racecourse


A podium ceremony will be organised for all time-measured distances for the first 3 men and women.*

* under condition that the rules of the oganisation are respected.