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September 05th 2020

42 KM RBB or RB

40,5 km
10h00 RB / RBB

Two possible formulas and two classifications: a formula with 3 participants including 2 mountain bikers and a formula for two participants for a more classic "run & bike" . It will be a matter of starting in teams of two or three riders who will be able to take turns on the bike (s). The participants will have to stay together. To make sure, the rider will have to wear a 'relay batton'.

Advice to teams of 42 RBB
Based on the experience of the first editions, here are some tips:

  • Avoid placing the slowest rider on the bike on the hills. This biking part would not allow him to recover, as is often the case for cyclists who can stay up with the runners.
  • It is not easy to keep relays from 30 to 40 seconds (used on classic "run and bike" short) over a distance of 42km.
  • The length of the relays varies according to the individual, the strenght of the team and the progress of the event but generally and at least at the beginning, the runner runs at least 3 to 4 min.
  • Reminder, except mechanical problems of a bike (which would be delayed or who would have abandoned), the 3 teammates must remain "together" and there can be only one rider at the same time by team. Translation: a cyclist on the team can not leave his bike and start running until the rider is at his height and did not relay the relay (an armband, given with bibs).
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Attention, de petites modifications sont toujours susceptibles d’être apportées au parcours. Nous vous recommandons de télécharger la version définitive dans la semaine précédant l’événement. | Attention, small modifications are always likely to be made to the course. We recommend that you download the final version the week before the event. | Opgelet, er zullen altijd kleine wijzigingen worden aangebracht aan het parcours. Wij raden u aan de definitieve versie de week voor het evenement te downloaden.

Please read the rules COVID-19 carefully
Start & Finish : Boitsfort Racecourse
A massage service is provided near the finish area (not in 2020)
Drink stations at the halfway point 
Showers (not in 2020) and changing rooms located at the finish
September 5th (race day) 1 hour before the start of the race at Boitsfort racecourse

To respect when leaving the drink stations 

DRINK STATION 1  12 km 11h30
DRINK STATION 2 27 km 13h30

(site exit)

42 km 15h30


Préregistration : 60 € | dayregistration : 70 €
Préregistration : 80 € | dayregistration : 90 €
Price : 4 € optionnal 
     Price : 1 € optionnal 

Mandatory Equipment

a mask
 1.5 liters of water minimum
 a food reserve
 a personal cup 15cl min.
 a reflective armband
 a mobile phone
 a piece of identification
 bike repair kit
relay batton


It is also strongly recommended to bring with you: a warmer garment for the second part of the race, a jacket, a raincoa,t a minimum sum of 20 € to compensate for the unexpected, a garment and spare socks an adhesive elastic band allowing a bandage or strapping (mini 80cm x 3 cm), a headlamp, a survival blanket . Warning: Riders are likely to be checked at any time on the course. The absence of part of the mandatory equipment will result in immediate disqualification.
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