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Due to the low number of children enrolled in the kindergarten in recent editions, this service is no longer available.



A personnal belongings is at your disposal at the Hippodrome de Boitsfort from 7am to 9pm (1€ for pre-registration / 2€ on site).

Note for the 80km runners: no instructions are provided at Trakks (starting point). The only locker is located at the Racecourse (where bibs are collected and buses leave).



Showers and changing rooms are located at finish



The students in Podiatry and Physiotherapy at the HE Vinci ParnassE-ISEI are there to ensure the care of the runner after the race:

Relaxing massages, stretching or various advice for physiotherapists.
Care of calluses and blisters, or other care and advice for chiropodists.



Following a survey among the participants "for or against medals", the decision was made to foresee "on demand" medals, without increasing the price of registrations. It also echoes to the concern for eco-responsibility. If you wish to obtain a medal at the finish, just order it via the pre-registration form or buy it on site (4€ / medal), depending on available stocks.

Only the individual 80km trailers receive a free medal at the finish.

The medals were designed in a spirit of reuse. Beyond the symbol of the effort made by the runner, the medal will have a possible second life: it will also make it possible to open all kinds of bottles to celebrate everyday life or key moments in life. In the showcase or in the drawer? The choice is yours !



The first 1500 registered trailers will receive a free ecotrail tee-shirt, sponsored by the Lampiris partner.
The size of the t-shirt is guaranteed for entries confirmed before 15/8. Beyond that, an estimated stock will be available but size will no longer be guaranteed.